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November 13th 2021 Multi Pitch Abseiling Course
November 14th 2021 Beginners Rock Climbing Course
November 20th 2021 Expedition Training Course
November 21st 2021 Navigation Training Course
Ice Climbing Course
Mountaineering Course with Ice Climbing

Kosciuszko NP, Australia

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains
Beginners Abseiling Course

The Blue Mountains,


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Rock Climbing Courses

The Blue Mountains, Australia

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The Blue Mountains, Australia

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Allie Pepper Adventures


Based in the Blue Mountains of Australia Allie Pepper Adventures offers small group, highly personalised adventures locally and expeditions globally.


We specialise in year round outdoor courses in the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains. Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Canyoning and Mountaineering Courses with Ice Climbing and Mt Kosciuszko climb. Allie Pepper works with a team of highly experienced and qualified instructors to deliver quality training, adventures and expeditions. Allie Pepper Adventures are able to deliver private instruction courses, adventures and corporate programs tailored to meet your needs, goals and timeframe.


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Allie Pepper

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