The Blue Mountains, Australia



Navigation training days run from the Blue Mountains, NSW. Advance the navigation skills needed to find your way through a blizzard & challenging terrain.


Navigation is an essential skill to have in the mountain environment and is important to the safety of an expedition. Allie offers specific training days to advance your navigation skills so you can feel more confident to find your way in a blizzard and challenging mountainous terrain.


Skills include:

  • How to read a topographic map

  • Route planning

  • Walking on a bearing using a compass

  • Measuring distance by pacing and timing

  • Navigation techniques in poor visibility

  • The basics of using a GPS

  • The use topographic maps, compasses and a GPS

  • A healthy lunch and snacks



A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to reserve a place on the Navigation Training Day. The full balance of the course fee must be paid for your place to be confirmed on the course. Full payment is due 15 days prior to the course start date. 

Pay ID +61 410 318 249 

Terms and conditions are available on the document at the link below.

Once you have read the terms and conditions please fill out and submit the booking form:

Please feel free to contact us on 0410 318 249 with any questions about the course. We look forward to meeting you!


* The price of $250 per person is guaranteed with a minimum of 3 paid bookings on the course.


"I would like to thank Allie for the amazing and informative day I spent with her navigation training. As a trail runner, hiker and mum of 4 who likes to keep her kids wild by taking them into the bush on hikes. I found the day spent with Allie learning Navigation Skills, how to read topographical maps, pacing, GPS use and basic understanding of the terrain and how it appears on a map invaluable. It gave me the confidence to venture further and enjoy more of our great outdoors. Her straight forward approach easy manner and methodical instruction made for a fun and informative day in the beautiful Blue Mountains. I absolutely recommend it to all who want to spend time in our great outdoors as a matter of safety and common sense."- Melissa Nakhle


May 28th 2022
July 9th 2022
Guiding ratio 1:6

The exact course location may vary depending on the weather at the time. Times: 8am-5pm 

Meeting place: TBA 24hrs prior

Katoomba, Leura or Mt Victoria

Allie Pepper Adventures
LIC 21-9