The Blue Mountains, Australia





Trek training days are run from the Blue Mountains, NSW. They are focussed on hill climbing and pack carrying in a group of people training towards their expedition goals. We seek out hills to climb!


Allie trains on a variety of trails in the Blue Mountains for her expeditions and she wants to share these trails with you. She offers trek and pack training on various trails in the Grose Valley, Jamison Valley and the Wild Dog mountains. The aim of these training sessions are to seek hills to gain valuable hill climbing fitness for your next big adventure. Allie aims to bring together groups of motivated, like minded people that are training towards their expedition goals. She will choose the trail depending on the general aims of the group and what areas they would like to familiarise themselves with, so each hike may be to a new location for regular trekkers.


The hikes are also great opportunites for Allie to share with you many of the tips and tricks she has learnt over the years that have helped her succeed and stay safe on her expeditions. She will also offer advise on the appropriate equipment and clothing needed to help you be successful in your mountaineering endeavours.


During the hike, depending on what your goals are, there will be the opportunity to add weight to packs to train for pack carrying up hill on mountaineering expeditions. With the use of water bottles and bladders trekkers are able to fill their packs with weight for the uphill sections of trail. This weight can be build up over time as fitness levels build and also as your expedition draws closer. Its a great opportunity to motivate each other and learn techniques in hill climbing with the use of trekking poles that can be used on the mountain. 


Skills include:

  • Basic map reading

  • Basic hiking skills

  • Using trekking poles to aid in hill climbing

  • Practising the mountaineers 'rest step'

  • Pack carrying fitness

  • Skills instruction

  • The use of emergency equipment and maps



Please contact us to arrange a date or to express your interest in joining a group and Allie can give you further details.


Weekend dates:
June 4th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th
Weekday dates:
April 8th, 15th
May 10th, 27th, 30th
June 10th, 17th, 24th
*Minimum numbers apply
Hikers that have completed an Expedition Training Weekend or Basic Mountaineering Course are able to attend trek training for $95 a day.
Hikers that are booked (made full payment) on an Allie Pepper Adventures Expedition are able to attend trek training for $75 a day.
The course location will be selected to meet the needs of the group.
Allie Pepper Adventures
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